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  • 1970
  • Population levels off at 82,437
  • Anna M. Latteri becomes mayor.
  • Botany Village restoration completed.
  • Israel Friend becomes mayor.
  • Frank Sylvester becomes mayor.
  • November 1: New Main Post Office opens on Paulison Avenue.
  • Five newcomers elected to Municipal Council.
  • Gerald Zecker named mayor.
  • Population decreases to 74,388.
  • May: Animal Quarantine Station closes.
  • September 14: New City Hall at former quarantine site dedicated.
  • First Safety Towne Program instituted.
  • Frank Mileto steps down as acting city manager.
  • Joseph Lynn appointed as acting city manager.
  • August 1: William Holster retires as city manager.
  • Viaduct over Clifton Avenue, near Lakeview Avenue, and train tracks removed.
  • Gloria Kolodziej becomes mayor.
  • October: Clifton’s “cliffs” at Garret Mountain are blasted away by a local quarry.
  • Gloria Kolodziej begins second term as mayor.
  • Joseph Lynn steps down as city manager.
  • May: Clifton celebrates its 70th anniversary and Passaic County’s 150th.
  • May 17: Morris Canal Park dedicated.
  • November 9: Roger Kemp becomes city manager.
  • Voters change mayor appointed school board to elected board.
  • James Anzaldi becomes mayor.
  • Census shows Clifton’s population at 71,742.
  • November 10: Clifton Memorial Library dedicated.
  • City celebrates 75th anniversary with year long events including a parade watched by thousands.
  • James Anzaldi is re-elected with the largest percentage of votes in Clifton history.
  • 60th anniversary of city manager form of government.
  • Robert Hammer is unanimously named Clifton City Manager.
  • Clifton Recycling rate exceeds 75%. And is among the nations best through outreach & education.
  • Quentin Roosevelt Post#8 American Legion donates a third "Heartstart" defibrillator to the city.
  • Republican Presidential Candidate Bob Dole and his wife. Elizabeth marched in Allwood's Memorial Day Parade,drawing a large crowd of Cliftonites.
  • In his Eightieth year, the city is in the middle of economic boom with many new buildings being planned.
  • Clifton Commons - an Entertainment/Retail Center is approved by the Planning Board and is slated as one of the largest single ratables in City History.
  • Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church celebrates it Centennial. A video of the Church's history is a masterpiece
  • Redevelopment of the Main/Clifton Avenue downtown area is under way.
  • CHS Girls' Softball team becomes State Champions for the second consecutive year with a second consecutive 31-0 season..
  • In April, the City is named Tree City USA and a tree farm is dedicated.
  • May 12, 1998 James Anzaldi makes History by becoming the City's first three-term Mayor.
  • The Mayor and Council Dedicate the Senior Citizen Center. That is a beautifully refurbished barn, which is located on the former quarantine Site in honor of Lester F. Herrschaft. Long time Board of Education and City Council member The Quarantine was only a stone throw from his childhood home.
  • Clifton is named in the top eleven percent of the safest Cities in the Country.
  • Styertowne Shopping Center and its Apartment Complexes were sold.The shopping center was built in 1952 and was one of the original strip centers in the whole United states.
  • The City Celebrated the New Millennium with a Gala Dinner at the Valley Regency Caterers on January
  • City Emergency workers answer the call to help with the 9/11 disaster
  • Mayor James Anzaldi re-elected to a fourth term as Clifton Mayor
  • Albert Greco appointed as Interim City Manager, December 18, 2002
  • Robert P. Hammer, City Manager passes away December 20, 2002
  • Albert Greco appointed as City Manager, January 18, 2005




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